Friday, March 22, 2013

PAD2O Article #1 By Megan Foy

“My Close Call The Night Of The Wolves”
- Bruce Watts

Rating: ****

This article is an exciting life threatening true story read of Bruce Watts and a close encounter with wild wolves the night of his one man hiking trip.

It was late August when Bruce Watts had just been diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of other things piled up on his shoulders. He needed a break, to be alone and clear his head, so what better way to go out on a one man hiking trip where your closest neighbors are red squirrels and a pair of loons. At night he enjoyed the close symphony of the wolves. Bruce suddenly realizes he has never heard them that close. Close enough to feel the rich depth of the howls, but when the wolf music stopped he began to hear them rustling around his tent. They were close, too close.

Throughout the article you realize that Bruce becomes very frightened. I admire how calm and focused he tried to stay while the wolves were attacking his camp site. I suggest people read this article because it is an intense and thrilling piece that will keep you interested from start to finish. Also it teaches people basic survival tips while being threatened by a force of nature. Another tip is that you should not camp alone because if something ever happens to you on your trip you'll have someone that can help you.

Watts, Bruce. My Close Call The Night Of The Wolves. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Fall 2012.

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