Monday, March 25, 2013


"Sloshing in the Ocean's Bathtub"
By Anita Elash

<<Sea-level illusion? Shifts in the earth's axis may be the culprit.>>

I will give this article four out of a possible five stars, I found it to be really quite informative and thought provoking. 

This short, yet very insightful article teaches its readers of how the changes in the global sea-levels may in fact have much more to do with sloshing water than it does with melting icebergs. As the earth changes positions relative to the North and South poles, water as well as the ground levels temporarily go off balance. The scientists mentioned in this article believe that this is a natural process, and that if you were to look at the overall global water levels remain the same.

This article raises points that, to me, are quite intriguing, as well as reasonable, if I had a choice to why, or how the sea-levels change, I would choose this one due to how deeply I enjoy how logical it is. Ms. Elash's article makes me think about how the thoughts and theories of scientists have changed over the course of the past fifteen years since this article was written.

Although this article may not seem relevant to the outdoors industry to some, I feel as though it is. I feel this way because changes in the world's sea-levels can drastically effect some of the world's greatest beaches. It can effect them in the sense that sea-level rises can cause high amount of erosion on the beaches. Beaches eroding means that the sizes of the beaches are being reduced. I feel that smaller beaches can truly affect many various outdoor and water related activities (e.g. kayaking, canoeing, long walks on the beach, etc.).

This article has managed to persuade and interest me into further researching this topic, so that I can discover even more theories and ideas on the matter. I feel like there is no real way that this article can alter my behaviour, other than the fact that I now know how much I truly do need to appreciate some of the earth's natural beauties, that is, before they're all gone.

Elash, Anita. "Sloshing in the Ocean's Bathtub." Equinox. May 1998: 18. Print.

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