Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Kathleen Wilker

Rating: **

The article is about one mom's adventure with her 8-year-old daughter. They had always gone on canoe trips with the family, but often found it difficult having to prepare weeks in advance. One day she came across a guided trip for women and girls aged 8-14. She found it the perfect opportunity to have a a few days meeting new ladies and to build her daughters confidence. In the end, her and her daughter loved the experience and realized how important it is to spend some girl time every so often.

I thought it was nice to hear about a woman's perspective on an outdoor adventure, and it made me wanting to go on a canoe trip with a few of my friends. I did not enjoy how the article was focused on how great her daughter thought it was and how much she enjoyed spending time with other ladies. I think she should have included more about what it was like and it affected her, instead of just her 8-year-old. I learned that sometimes a weekend with sisterhood can change your perspective about the outdoors.

Wilker, Kathleen. “Canoe trip brings the girls together.” Ottawa Outdoors. Summer 2012. 8-10. Print.

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