Tuesday, March 19, 2013

article assignment

Winter Camping Tips for Novices and Experts

By: Chantal Macartney

Rating: ****


I found this article very interesting and helpful. This article had helpful tips from start to finish and really helped my knowledge of winter camping.

This article has many tips of how to be safe and warm while camping during the winter months. Some tips given were clear ice is stronger than gray ice, place tent on thick -compressed snow, tuck your tent among the trees to block out the wind, and put a groundsheet under her tent keeps moisture and condensation out. This article gave you a good idea of the weather you are going to face and the precautions you should take so you do not get cold or become in danger.

I found this article to be full of good information that could really help a lot of people. She talks about how cold and harsh the weather can be during the winter months. The tips she provides really helps surviving camping in the winter. This article really helped me understand what it is like camping in the winter months.

In conclusion I found this article very informative and I would recommend it to others if they go winter camping.


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