Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Article Assignment #1

Article Assignment #1
Jack Guthrie

Maybe You’re Already a Triathlete – Geordie McConnell

Rating: ***

The article is a very easy read and informs you about the nature of triathlons. It is an enjoyable article, but not incredible.

The article talks about the nature of triathlons, and how almost anybody can find a way to compete in one. He discusses how there are different types, and lengths of triathlons so it’s much easier for more people to compete in them and enjoy the experience. He wants more people to become involved and compete in any type of triathlon.

I enjoyed how he presented information that most people aren’t aware of. He presents triathlons as a fun, and enjoyable way to stay in shape. It made the idea of a triathlon a lot more appealing to me. I learned that they are different versions of triathlons and that almost anyone is able to take part in one.

McConnell, Geordie. Maybe You’re Already a Triathlete. Ottawa. 2010. Ottawa Outdoors. Print

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