Thursday, March 21, 2013

What to where for winter sports

Clothing layers for winter sports-Aurora LaJambre

Rating ***

        This was a very helpful article and should be read by those looking for advice on what clothing to
 wear for outdoor sports.

        This article was about what types of clothing to wear when going outdoors in the winter to play sports. The article tells you good fabrics and blends to wear to keep you warm, dry and happy.

        This article has helped me understand the importance of cloths and will positively effect my next outdoor experience. I have also learned about what materials to use when dressing for the great outdoors in the winter.

         In general this article was very helpful and could help many people understand the clothes to where in the winter and will hopefully help people enjoy the winter even more.

LaJambre. Aurora. "Clothing layers for winter sports." Library-outdoor life. web. np. 21 March 2013. (

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