Friday, April 12, 2013

Article Assignment #2 ~ Matthew Gomes-Reissmann

Day Hiking Essentials

Rating: ***

Day Hiking Essentials is just a simple article about what the author thinks is necessary on a hiking trip. It is a fairly straight forward, informational article.

The author says that the most important things for the hiker to bring is water, layers of clothing, footwear, navigation equipment, food and a quality backpack. as far as amounts of water go about 1/2 liter per hour as well as filters or another way to clean water in case you manage to spill some. For footwear, you should wear something rugged and durable, but not heavy. Also, waterproof gear is better. For food, the amount and quality of food you eat strongly impacts the amount of energy you have, so pack high energy, light-weight food. There are a few other tips of what to bring and why.

Overall, I thought the article was not very good. just because it was too informational. Although, the information was pretty useful. You can probably find thousands of articles saying the exact same things. 
I guess the article is pretty helpful considering that I'll be going on some hiking trips soon. Most of the information is common knowledge, so it overall wasn't that great. 

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