Friday, April 12, 2013

Rock climbing – in the great indoors

Rock climbing – in the great indoors

Originally published in Dave’s Outdoor Life column in the Ottawa Citizen


            The article was an interesting read because it caught my attention. I was planning to go rock climbing at the Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa with my class on Friday, but it was a snow day so it got cancelled so maybe that’s what caught my attention and why I decided to read the article.

            The article “Rock climbing – in the great indoors” is about the safety, equipment, basic techniques, and where you could go to participate in indoor rock climbing in the general area where you’re live.  It talks about safety techniques for using the equipment that you can buy or rent.  The easiest way to rock climb is just to relax which most new rock climbers don’t.  They just get scared hanging on for dear life for fear of falling.  Just climb confidently knowing you’re safely secured with the rope and that if you fall the rope will keep you at the same height and you will just hang there in thin air. You won’t fall to your death.  The article also gives you general prices of the different places around us like the Altitude Gym in Gatineau, Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa, and Vertical Reality Rock Gym also in Ottawa.

            I have only been rock climbing once and it was at the Coyote Rock Gym in Ottawa the same place where I was supposed go to with my class.  I didn’t really know the proper techniques of rock climbing like you should wear special shoes for rock climbing and that they should be super tight.  The toes should be narrow so you would be able to the best grip as possible even on the smallest rock surface on the wall.  It has inspired me to go rock climbing not just in my outdoor ed. class. It has also changed my behaviour towards rock climbing that it is very easy to do but you just have to relax and remember to be safe.

Originally published in Dave’s Outdoor Life column in the Ottawa Citizen.  Rock climbing – in the great indoors”.  Ottawa Outdoors. SPECIAL EDITION: The Outdoor & Adventure Travel Show.  Pages 7-9

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