Friday, April 12, 2013

Article Number 1
Coyote? Wolf? Owl or Eagle?
by Allen Macartney

Rating - ***

The article I read was called "Coyote? Wolf? Owl or Eagle?" This article intrigued me because I looked at it right after winter camping.

This article describes how to pick out different animal prints in the snow. This article is based on the foot prints that you would find in Gatineau Park. Beavers, coyotes/ wolves, deer, rabbits, turkeys and owls are the main animals that are talked about in this article. The author of the article uses pictures and explanations so the reader is sure to understand.

I would recommend this article to anyone that is planing to go out for a winter activity in the forest. Learning the different paw prints is something that is interesting as well as educational when going out in the winter. I would also recommend this article for all ages as it was an easy read and would be something that children might find interesting during a winter camping activity.

Ottawa Outdoors - Winter 2011 - p28         

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