Friday, April 19, 2013

British Columbia, Canada: Sail the Great Bear Rainforest-Maple Leaf Adventures


Canada has come a far way this it was first discovered. Its natural resources have been discovered along with its natural beauty but in this day an age it’s starting to become apparent that its natural beauty falls inferior to its resources.

This article discusses a proposition planned for the Great Bear Rainforest and how locals feel about this proposition. The proposed idea is to use this site for a pipeline that would connect the tar sands near Edmonton, Alberta, to the port of Kitimat, British Columbia. It’s pretty obvious why locals in the Great Bear Rainforest would be opposed to this proposition. One spill from this pipeline would destroy everything the Rainforest has to offer. The article discusses the fishing of migrating salmon, the immense amount of rare wildlife, the ecotourism the land provides and how natives are able to gain an income from these lands without any destruction.

I believe everyone now a days with an sense of power are too money driven to open their eyes and see all the beauty in the world that they want to destroy with their parking lots, mini malls, pipelines, etc. I would one day like to go visit the Great Bear Rainforest and I’m sure everyone else who wants to go visit it doesn’t want the installation of a huge pipeline. I can only imagine how the natives feel about it all.

I really hope the people who are on the committee of deciding whether or not the pipeline gets placed or not listen to beauty versus money.

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