Friday, May 3, 2013

Navigating the Outdoors – Bill Anderson

Navigating the Outdoors – Bill Anderson

Rating: *****

  Navigating the Outdoors is an article about a personal experience with getting lost. It talks about different smart ways to avoid ever losing your way.

  Bill Anderson was heading to Quebec City for a holiday ski trip. He had been to the same place a few times so he was a little familiar with the location but he was still going to bring a provincial map with him. When it was time to leave he was unable to find his map but didn’t think much of it because he figured could just follow road signs and he knew the directions to his friends house that lived in the old city. He ended up missing an exit to Quebec City and got lost. With luck he found a tourist kiosk and got a map.

  Bill knew it was a bad idea to travel without a recent map and is surprised he let himself do it. He is now more aware of how important a map is when you are navigating and how easy it is to get lost. He explains some important steps with a map that I feel are important for everyone to know. The first one is buying the map (make sure it’s a recently updated version of the area you’re traveling), understand the map (make sure you read over the legend and understand the details shown on the map), make a plan (draw your travel course out on the map and make it clear). I think understanding your map is the most important step because even if you follow your course wrong since you know every detail on the map you’ll be able to navigate your way back.

I highly recommend reading this article because it explains all the steps to prepare yourself and your map for a trip as well as the importance of it all.
Anderson, Bill. Navigating the Outdoors. Ottawa: 2013. Print.

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