Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Clueless Camper Odyssey

The Clueless Camper Odyssey - Allen Macartney

Rating: ****

This article is very entertaining and teaches you about what NOT to do at a campsite. I enjoyed reading it.

The article talks about how the author (Allen Macartney) came across a family completely unprepared and clueless about how to camp outdoors. They arrived as a family of four and a dog without any rain gear (it was pouring outside), and had no idea how to construct a tent (which by the way was designed for three people). they then went on to play loud rock and roll music, completely oblivious to the other campers. they struggled for the rest of the night and left the next day, leaving behind a filthy campsite forcing the author to clean up.

The article was well written and was easy to understand. It gives you a sense on how to behave, and how NOT to behave camping. By reading this I have a better understanding of how to manage a campsite and to respect the fellow campers around you.

Macartney, Allen. The Clueless Camper Odyssey. Ottawa. 2012. Ottawa Outdoors. Online.

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