Friday, April 12, 2013

Yukon Summer, Article #2

Yukon Summer – Allen Macartney
This was a particularly interesting read. Outdoor photographer Allen Macartney documents his solo canoe trip from Whitehorse to the Arctic Circle.
The trip he made was 1,300 kilometers, which is no small task, but what makes this even more impressive is that he had made it once before, and this time it was in celebration of his 60th birthday. He describes all of the beauty that he saw on his trip, but makes sure to stress how dangerous the route can be, with enormous waves and swift water at every turn, so it shouldn`t be a trip for the inexperienced.
I found this interesting mostly because of the sheer scale of the adventure. It made me think that it wouldn’t be so hard to plan and then do a large trip, certainly not one quite like that, at least not yet. I like to see different places, and this outlined a lot of cool points of interest.

Macartney,  Allen.  Yukon Summer.  Ottawa Outdoors, Fall 2012.  Print.

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