Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mountain Bike Orienteering –Sheila Ascroft

This interesting article contains information on a new endurance sport called mountain bike orienteering (Bike-O for short). The article talks about how the sport started and what are the differences between Bike-O and other types of orienteering.  Some of the areas you need to be strong at in order to be successful at Bike-O include having a good strong combination of muscle, endurance, stamina and mental agility. You need to be able to navigate by compass and map,  handle harsh terrain, have  control of your bike speed as well as have a lot of experience with mountain biking.

I enjoyed reading this article because it was interesting to learn that there are different types of orienteering. Before reading this I would have never thought there was such thing as Bike-O and this article opened my eyes to this new idea. I think this article is very useful to people who don’t find regular orienteering interesting or challenging enough and are willing to try something new.

Ascroft, Sheila. Mountain Bike Orienteering. Ontario: Ottawa Outdoors, 2010.Page 6. Print.

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