Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lost and Scared – Chantal Macartney

Lost and Scared – Chantal Macartney  

Rating: ****

This article is an interesting and catching read that really teaches you the five most important elements to remember if you ever get lost on a hike.

It’s very important that people know what to do if they ever get lost on a hiking trip. Getting lost is an easy thing to do and if you’re put in this situation unprepared it can be dangerous. Attitude, shelter, water, fire and food are the five survival elements that Chantal explains are very useful and great survival techniques. This article teaches you how to be smart and safe when you’re in a lost situation and could potentially save a life.

I suggest that everyone reads and understands this article before setting out on a hiking trip so if you’re faced with a lost situation you know what the smart thing to do is.

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Macartney, Chantal. Lost and Scared:

Posted: Monday April 02, 2012

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