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My close call the night of the wolves - By Bruce Watts

My close call the night of the wolves –

By Bruce Watts

Rating: 5 out of 5

            The article My close call the night of the wolves is suspenseful, interesting and a little scary.  It was an easy to read article that told a story about a man’s adventure camping in the woods and a close encounter with wolves.

            Bruce Watts is a father and husband that wanted to take a break and get away for a while.  He had just found out that he had got cancer, his daughter’s wedding plans were ramping up, and his kitchen renovations were half done so he needed a break for the stress of everything.  He headed out the next day before 6:00 a.m. and drove for 3 hours to the backpacking parking lot at Algonquin Park.  After his supper, he got into his tent, pulled out a book and started reading.  While he started reading, he heard some wolves howling in the background.  He couldn’t tell how far they were or how many there were but he wasn’t worried because he has camped many times and heard wolves and animals before.  He thought he had front row seats to one of nature’s marvels.  He then heard a large animal splashing down in the water about 30 metres from his tent and the wolves sound much closer than usual.  Then with a blink of an eye, the animal started running at full speed towards Bruce’s tent.  The animal then tripped on the guy rope, bounced off of his tent and ran away.  He then realized that it was a wolf and he wasn’t sure if it was attacking his tent or chasing something else and ran into the tent.  After that, Bruce tried to continue reading his book but his hands were shaking too much to read or focus. 

            In reading this article, I learned that wolves don’t usually attack humans and that they are probably more scared of people than we are of them.  That is what Bruce was thinking when he tried to rationalize and not be so scared.  But, I think that if a wolf is sick with rabies, are really hungry or if they have babies, the might attack a human so I would have been scared too.

            Overall, this article was probably the most interesting yet and the author, Bruce Watts, did a really good job in re-telling his story.     

Watts, Bruce.  “My close call the night of the wolves” Ottawa Outdoors Fall 2012, page 18 and 19, Ottawa, ON, Canada.  Print.         

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