Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Importance of Outdoor Education – By Angela Ward

Rating - *****

I chose to read this article because most students in school ask questions along the lines of “why are we learning this” or “when will I ever use this in real life” and although I do believe in outdoor education, I wanted to see some other positive opinions on these questions.
This article talks about how society is changing into an indoors, fearful, technology based place more and more every day. The media focuses on so many negative events in the world and pays little attention to anything positive that parents are keeping their children indoors more often. Tree houses and outdoor play are now being replaced by technology and indoor distractions. With lots of energy and curiosity, children and teens are very tactile and need to feel and see things for themselves. Not just read about it in a book.
I completely agree with what Angela has said in this paper. I believe that it is very important to learn things in all different types of environments especially when children get into their teens. As kids grow older, education moves from being fun and active, to books and classrooms all day. It is nice to have a class like outdoor Ed where you not only learn things sitting in a desk but you get to use those skills you’re taught and test them in real life situations. It is truly fun, active, different, educational, and builds relationships with people you will share unforgettable experiences and memories with.
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