Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Let You Feet Stop You From Finishing – Eric Martinat

Rating: ***

This article is about the importance of taking care of your feet in an outdoor situation. It also speaks about different techniques to avoid getting blisters.

It tells two different stories of when the writer was adventure racing, the first when his teammate's feet disintegrated into pieces of flesh. He was still able to finish but it wasn't a pleasant experience. The second story happened to the writer himself. After racing for dozens of hours in wet shoes, his feet began to swell and crack. When the called the EMT she said he had a good case of trench foot and he was forced to withdraw from the race. He goes on to explain this thing he calls the Blister Triangle. He says you can only get blisters when a combination of three things occur; heat, moisture, and friction. You're able to counter these with good socks to reduce friction, waterproof, breathable and quality shoes, powdering your feet and other techniques.

This article was very informative. It presented the threats of blisters and how much of an impact they can have on you. You really learn that your feet need to be taken care of and precautions need to be taken against blisters. It showed how bad your feet can be affected by water, friction and heat. Having good shoes is crucial, and spending the extra money for them will pay off in the end. The author learned from his mistake and now knows the dangers of blisters and the importance of taking care of your feet.

I would recommend this book because you learn a lot about your own health and it's also an entertaining read.

Martinat, Eric. Don't Let Your Feet Stop You From Finishing. Ottawa Outdoors. 2013. Print.

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