Friday, June 7, 2013

After Whiteface, just 45 more Adirondack peaks

by Dave

Rating: **** of *****

While becoming a meber of the 46ers isn't for everyone, this article encourages me to think that seeing the view from at least one of the Adirondack High Peaks is a must. The author of the article makes it clear what challenges will be faced when climbing Whiteface, but he makes the rewards equally clear. If the beautiful view and the sense of accomplishment are enough for you to want to become  a member of the 46ers, then the author ends the article by giving some helpful details, such as distancs, time needed, difficulty, what to bring, and even better, driving instructions from Ottawa!

Dave. "After Whiteface, Just 45 More Adirondack Peaks." Ottawa Outdoors Fall 2012: 5-6.

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