Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are you ready to ride? 

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 This was a short article explaining how to do a quick clean up of your bike before you go off on the road. It keeps it simple, and is quite useful as you should clean your bike periodically. 

 The article splits up the tuneup in three different parts. Cleaning the chain, while in the lowest gear with a damp rag. Cleaning the front and rear sprockets of the bike, including the breaks, then the body. Adding lubricant to the different moving parts of the bike, such as gears.

I would recommend this article to anyone who bikes often or someone who took their bike out after a few years, as it helps a lot with the actual riding and the health of the bike later on. It is short and precise and easy to understand.

"Are you ready to ride?." Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. http://www.ottawaoutdoors.ca/articles/bike/479-are-you-ready-to-ride



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