Friday, June 14, 2013

Article #5 Thinking about not wearing a helmet? Think again!!

Thinking About Not Wearing a Helmet? Think Again - Gord Keen.

Article #5

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One day Gord’s son set out on a practice run after he got home from work. He grabbed his helmet and bike and left. Gord knew where he was going and when he would be back also made sure he had a cell phone with him. At about 7pm Gord got a phone call saying his son was in an accident but was fine they just called the ambulance to be safe. When Gord arrived his son was unconscious and laying in a pool of blood. He had been hit by a truck that hadn’t seen him coming. His son was left with a serious concussion and a broken nose but doctors said if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet it would’ve been fatal.

This just shows firsthand how important wearing a helmet really is. Gord’s son was lucky he was wearing a helmet but he wouldn’t have been lucky at all if he hadn’t been wearing one. His son only got three kilometres away from his house when the accident occurred so distance doesn’t matter. This article brings awareness to how important wearing a helmet at all times is because drivers make mistakes but you have to anticipate them. Wearing a helmet could save your life, so why take that chance.

Keen, Gord. Thinking About Not Wearing a Helmet? Think Again. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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