Friday, June 14, 2013

TED Talk- Medical Miracle on Everest

TED Talk: Medical miracle on Everest – By Ken Kamler

Rating: *****

This Ted talk explains the dangers of Mount Everest and how severe the conditions are. On Kens fourth time up on Mount Everest a miracle accrued during the biggest storm ever seen on the mountain. There were 34 climbers and Ken was one of the medics. The winds were the strongest he had ever seen when they were close to reaching the summit and climbers were getting lost on the mountain and collapsing. Five climbers in total died on the mountain but there should have been six.

Beck Weathers was reported during the storm as dead, he had collapsed in the snow and couldn’t move his body at all. Then unexpectedly after one night and 2 days of lying in the snow he found the energy to lift himself up and find his way back to camp. When Ken asked him how he found the energy to get up after lying in the snow for so long he responded that he has a family to come home to and he wasn’t going to let himself die.

This Ted talk is very eye opening and teaches you a lot about survival in the toughest situations. It demonstrates how tough medical treatment is on the mountain but shows that in life risking situations your mind set could be the only thing that could save your life.

Kamler, Ken. Medical Miracle on Everest. March 18 2010. 

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  1. Ted talk Rides of hope - Simon Schocken
    Rating: ****

    Mountain biking is a great thing to do for free time, getting things off your mind, and as a hobby. In the ted talk I watched a man named Simon Schocken talks about how he meets and works with juvenal inmates that need discipline, and exercise by mountain biking in Israel. Doing activities like this with troubled children made them really see that they have someone that cares about them and teach them to never give and to keep going even if they want to give up.

    Simon shows these children how to fend for themselves and to realize that there better then prison, and the activities and games he does with these teenagers make them see all the love they really have and how beautiful the forest areas and nature really is.

    I think this Ted Talk is really inspirational because he makes you think about all these different things that could be really bothering them, and you see that the littlest things like mountain biking could make them change there minds on life and why there living. Having Ted Talks to look and listen to are great for people and I think its a really good idea to have them on the internet for people to see especially ones about outdoor activities and see how fun they really are.

    Schocken, Simon. Rides of Hope Ted Talk. November 2010