Saturday, June 15, 2013

Article Assignment 4 - Briana Day

Health Benefits of Cycling
Jerry Travers

This article was very interesting and I learned some new information about biking. It elaborates on exactly what the title says: "Health Benefits of Cycling". The article was very easy to read and informative, it is divided into 9 small sections, each section being a health benefit of cycling. Because we are starting a biking unit in outdoor ed, and because I am going to be biking this summer, I thought that this would be an interesting article to read.

I found the article to be a bit dragged out, but the information is useful. Some cool things that I learned about from this article are that cycling improves cardio-vascular fitness, and improves heart heath. As I said before, there are 9 mini sections that contain even more cool information about cycling.

If someone is interested in learning more about how bicycling can improve your overall health, or if they are a newbie into the cycling world, I suggest they read this article.

Travers, Jerry. "Health Benefits of Cycling." <>.

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