Saturday, June 15, 2013

Run, Jump, Learn! How exercise can transform our schools-Jon J. Ratey

Rating: ****

I really enjoyed this TED talk because he talks to us about how we can learn healthier and more efficiently. As soon as I read the title I wanted to hear what he had to say because I`m always looking for simple things to improve my learning abilities.

This TED talk explained the different things people had tried doing to get rid of anxiety, aggression, and depression.  He talks to us about the different things doctors were trying to do. They tested different people to see what solutions would work better. The first one was just medicine. The second one was medicine and exercise. The third one was just exercise. After four weeks of the studies, the results all came out the same which kept him wondering if exercise was a treatment. He went to many different schools and made the students exercise for 30 minute periods and the discipline problems dropped on average by 83%, it wasn't just burning their energy, it was getting their brain working.  

As soon as he was saying all of this, I was wondering should I be exercising before I go to school? Should I go for jogs every morning to get me going for the day? It is definitely something to consider.

I definitely think people who want to get motivated or see a different aspect of studying or showing better behavior should watch this and see if it affects them.

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