Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bear Attack: The story of Seven boys and one grizzly

Bear Attack: The story of Seven boys and one grizzly 
by: Derek Burnett 
rating *****

In this article, It tells the story of seven boys who venture into to bear country and encounter a five hundred pound and seven foot tall grizzly.

Seven young men( Allaire, Berg, Boas, Garlock, Melman, Gottsegen and Martin) from an National Outdoor Leadership School decide to go to Alaska and explore the wilderness. After backpacking for twenty four hours, they come around a bend in a trail to find a random haystack. But when it's too late to realize it's a bear, the animal attacks Berg biting his skull. Soon after that he goes for Gottsegen doing the exact same thing. The bear dissappers, Allaire decides to go and help Berg but then the bear bursts out of nowhere and claws the head of Allaire. The bear bites Allaire and lifts him three feet into the air before dropping him. The bear then attacks Martin biting his calf. Martin kicks the bear in the face then the bear finally flees. The boys who haven't been attacked or aren't hurt badly set up a tent to take care of the injured. The boys luckily brought an emergency beacon with them. Finally a helicopter finds the beacon and the boys are taken to safety. 

This article shows the devastation of a bear. It has affected me because this will always be somewhere in the back of my mind when i go camping. This article makes me think of the unpredictability of a bear. Usually bears won't attack a group larger than four and the fact the it took on a group a seven men. Wildlife is not always predictable. This article will definitely make me think of precautions to avoid attracting a bear when camping. 

Derek Burnett" Reader's Digest Magazine"June 2012

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