Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Matthew Childs’ 9 Lessons From Rock Climbing

Matthew Childs’ 9 Lessons From Rock Climbing

Matthew Childs



            All the lessons in TED Talk # 1 Matthew Childs’ 9 Lessons from Rock Climbing were very important from the first one “don’t let go”. 

            The video teaches the basic elements of rock climbing.  It showed both kinds of rock climbing with ropes and without.  This TED Talk is about the 9 lessons Matthew Childs has learned about rock climbing.  Some lessons are very obvious like “don’t let go”.  The video showed his experiences of rock climbing.  Matthew Childs also spoke about others experiences as well. 

            Watching this video has inspired me to go rock climbing because it looks fun especially without a rope.  It made me think about how crazy some people are who climb without ropes.  Maybe I’m crazy for thinking about go climbing without a rope.  If they fall, they fall hard!   This TED Talk video has changed my behaviour.  When I go rock climbing in the future I will think about the 9 lessons from the video.  I learned 9 important lessons about rock climbing.


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