Saturday, June 15, 2013

Choose Proper Shoes - Tim Allard

Rating: ***

This article talks about what you need to look at when choosing proper shoes to hike with. 

Hiking shoes have many different components to them, and each of them is important towards the shoe. You can learn that different types of shoes are designed for different environments and are meant for specific purposes. You can also gain a greater understanding of the parts of the shoe, as well as how shoes are made. He didn't just stop at this however. He went into detail on fitting the shoe, as well as tips for breaking it in. He did a good job of covering all the fundamentals, as well as more.

This was a very informative article. I learned a lot and i imagine it would be very helpful for anyone looking for a new hiking shoe. it includes all the information needed when choosing a new shoe. I would have found this very helpful if I was shopping for a new shoe. While it as very informative, it wasn't very enterating. It wasn't very interesting to read and it seemed to drag on longer than necessary. It would have been nice for him to include examples of when he could have used this shoe etc. While there were many aspects he could improve on, I still found it was a good article, just I would have liked it to be more straightforward and more intriguing.

Allard, Tim. Choose Proper Shoes. Ottawa Outdoors. 2013.

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