Saturday, June 15, 2013

TED Talk

 Roz Savage: Why I'm Rowing Across the Pacific

Rating: ****

This TED Talk was about a woman in her 30's named Roz Savage talking about her experiences rowing across oceans and how she connects it to real life problems.

 She starts of her story talking about her old life as a management consultant, and how she felt she was missing something in her life. She wanted something more than a regular life. So her solution to this was ocean rowing. Her first adventure is rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. It took her over 100 days, but eventually she was successful. Her next goal was to row across the Pacifac. This has never been done by a single woman before. She decided to divide the trip into 3 parts. As of this moment she has completed 2 of the 3 parts, and is preparing to finish the trip. She is able to use her trips to support and take action against climate change. She does all she can to spread the world and help stop climate change.

I enjoyed this TED talk alot. She is a good speaker who makes the presentation interesting. I enjoyed learning about trips that I thought before were impossible. I learned what it takes to scale such an enormous trip. You can learn a lot of things by looking her adventures. She wasn't happy with her consulting job. She aspired to do something different, and as you can see, it turned out well. this was a very well done TED Talk and I enjoyed it very much.

Savage, Roz. Why I'm Rowing Across the Pacific. 2013. TED Talk.

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