Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Build the Perfect Fire - Marcia Layton Turner

Rating: **

         This is an informative article that teaches you all the specifics you need to make the best possible fire you can.

         This article is set up into 3 different sections.  The first is Set Up.  In this section they teach you all the prerequisites you need to construct your fire.  The second section is called Light.  In this section they teach us how to start the fire.  The third section is called Feed the Flame.  This is how to make your fire last as long as possible.  I have made several fires before, but none were constructed in this precise order. 

         This article did not have any strong effects on me.  It seemed like for me to make a fire of that level, I would need to have the perfect conditions set up for me.  This article reminded me of the hiking trip our class participated on because on the second night, several of the people in our group made a fire when it was pitch dark outside.  We managed to keep it going for quite some time, until we decided to go to sleep.  I already knew how to start a fire, but this article did teach me more of the essentials to keep a fire going under better conditions that I knew.  2 problems I have with this article is that although it was informative, it is not entertaining to read.  Secondly, it is that they do not teach you how to clean up your fire once you put it out, to leave no trace.  This article will not make me change how I construct fires in the future.

Turner, Marcia “How to Build the Perfect Fire” Idiots Guide, Organization name not give, Date published not give, 09/06/13

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