Monday, June 17, 2013

Moose Safety for Hikers – Lisa Maloney

Rating: ***

      This article is straight to the point and very informative.  It is recommended if you are considering going to an area with nearby Meese.

      It explains how to react when seeing a moose, and how the psychology of a moose differs from another animal.  Not only does it teach you how to react when seeing one, it teaches you of possible aftermath solutions, indications of an aggressive moose and why it may act this way.  After reading this article, a moose attack will be less of a hesitating act, and more of a step by step analysis.

      This affects me because I have never encountered a moose while in a forest, and I am not 100% positive of how to react correctly if an incident did occur.  This makes me think of our hiking trip because on the second night our small campsite was able to hear wolves howling.  In the article they explain why Meese attack dogs, and it is because they see them as wolves.  I already had learnt the basics of protection from a moose attack, but in this article I was able to make sure every step of the process was fully understood with details.  This article will definitely change my behavior when going into moose inhabited regions because I will know how to avoid a problem and resolve it if it is needed.  This article should be read by everyone who is planning to enter regions that are inhabited by Meese.

Maloney, Lisa. “Moose Safety for Hikers” Web. <>

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