Sunday, June 16, 2013

OE Article #3

Outdoor Ed Article Assignment #3

No Room for Blame in Whitewater Tandem Paddling – Kyle Smith

Rating: ***

This is an informative article. It gives a number of interesting and useful tips on becoming a better, and also more tolerable, paddler.

This article focuses on aspects of tandem whitewater canoeing. In addition to tips on technique, such as learning to read the rapids, it also gives tips on communicating with your partner and understanding your own role in the boat. 

After reading this and hearing the tips it had to offer, I will be a better paddler, and I think that it will be just a little bit more enjoyable to be in the boat with me. I will probably also try to do more white water paddling, if only easy rapids, to try to develop my skills further and to be an all around better paddler so, should the need arise, I will be able to react quickly to anything that happens on the water.

Smith. Kyle. “No Room for Blame in Whitewater Tandem Paddling.” Ottawa Outdoors, Spring 2013.

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