Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole – Ted Talk

Rating: ****

            This Ted Talk is fascinating.  Lewis Pugh tells us the tale of the impossible and how he was inspired to do so.

            In this Ted Talk we are told the adventure of how this man was able to swim through the North Pole in only a Speedo.  He tells us of how him and a group of 29 men from different nations were able to help him manage this task.  In his first 5 minute swim, he had his fingers swollen to the size of sausages and he could not even close them.  He presents to us how he pushed his body to through the obstacle.  He explains to us how his father was one of the main inspirations and reasons he decided to pursue this dream.  In his swim, he tries to present the problems of climate change and how it has affected the World.

            This affects m because it showed me that the inpossible is indeed possible.  In a way, it is very inspirational.  The way he describes the water to be black and the fear that took him by surprise is breathtaking.  We were able to see the agony that was brought to him when he steps out of the water and the dream of his that he fulfilled.  This makes me think of the climate change happening around us.  He shows us how passionate this vision of his was when he explains that he could not feel his fingers for 4 months after his mind blowing accomplishment.  After viewing this video, I will make sure to be aware of World issues that surround us and other populations on a daily basis. 

Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole. Ted. September 2009. Web. 16 June. 2013.

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