Monday, June 17, 2013

Technology Update: Personal Locater Beacons (PLD) - Rick curtis

Rating ***

Technology Update: Personal Locater Beacons (PLD) is an informational article that goes into detail about the mechanics and operating of emergency beacons/ location transmitters. It is a very informative article and I found it interesting to learn how they actually work and how to use them properly. 

The article provides details about the radio frequency and the process of how EPIRBs, ELTs and PLBs, which essentially all do the same thing. The article explains the process how the emergency transmission is sent and received. The article outlines cost, registration, frequency and differentiates between each of the beacons. The article also goes into detail for which device would be better in a certain situation and the special features between the beacons.

I found the article very informative and interesting. It has a lot of raw information and technical information like the radio frequencies. It is interesting to think about how things work and to know where your message goes when you send it. Even though I don't think I'd ever use one of the emergency beacons, I enjoyed learning about them. 

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