Monday, June 17, 2013

Paddling forward: Technique is the key

Paddling forward: Technique is the key 
  By: Tim Allen
Rating: ***

 In this article the proper stroke for paddling is explained. It gives tips to ensure the best possible stroke as it will be the most used stroke meaning it is important that it should become second nature. It is short and precise and a good quick read to improve on the stroke.

The article focuses on three main points; Keeping an independent upper and lower body, rotating your torso for power and positioning your hands in your field of view and using the back and torso muscles for power. It gives more tips to reinforce these points and summarizes all you need to know to do a proper forward stroke.

I'd recommend this to anyone canoeing for the first time or even anyone as a quick refresher for a proper stroke.

"Paddling forward: Technique is the key." Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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