Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ted Talk

Rating: ***

Brian Skerry is an underwater photographer who has had a passion for the ocean since he was a young boy. This passion has lead him to uncover some of the more horrible things happening to the ocean behind all of its beauty.

Brian brings up many environmental concerns involving the ocean and the creatures that call it home. For example, most baby seals don't live to grow into mature seals for different reasons, including seal hunting and global warming causing the ice to thin. As well, the populations of some shark and turtle species are becoming extinct because of natural causes, as well as human causes. Other problems include pollution and over fishing.

I found this Ted Talk to be quite moving and informative. I have heard of some issues in the ocean, however I did not grasp just how much humans are wounding the creatures in it. I have now learnt just how important for us, as humans, to protect the oceans around us.

Skerry, Brian. "Brian Skerry Reveal's Ocean's Glory -- and Horror". Ted Talks. June 2010. Web Video. <>

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