Thursday, June 20, 2013

Article 4

Thinking Of Not Wearing Your Helmet? Think Again. - Gord Keen

Rating: ****

Thinking Of Not Wearing Your Helmet? Think Again. is the story from the father of a teenage boy, whose son had gotten into a serious accident.

On a Sunday evening, the author received a phone call that his son, Alex, had been hit by a pickup truck, causing him to become unconscious. The driver of the truck had seen Alex, however he did not properly judge how fast Alex was coming up behind him and made the unfortunate mistake to turn into him. The doctor's said that if Alex had not been wearing a helmet, the accident would have been fatal for him.

This article really impacted me because it shows you that drivers can and will make mistakes sometimes. It is inevitable; however it has really taught me that I should always try to anticipate them. As well, even though I always wear a helmet, I know many people who do not and this story really demonstrates the importance of wearing one.

Keen, Gord. “Thinking Of Not Wearing A Helmet? Think Again”. Ottawa Outdoors. June 2013. < >. Web. June 20 2013.

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