Monday, October 21, 2013

Hunting 2.0 - Brent McNamee

rating : ****

by: Jonathan Soles

Hunting 2.0 is an article talking about the importance of online courses specifically hunting classes. Brent McNamee teaches hunter education and says that online courses for the future hunter are convenient, accessible and effective for people with certain needs. He explains that the people taking the courses were getting great scores and could go with instructors on a field day.

I enjoyed the article and learning about online courses being that I have never taken one before. It also makes me think about how the amount of people going hunting will increase in the future because of these online courses.I think online courses are a good idea because lots of people are comfortable using computers and being in their own home.

Although, I would probably not take the course it was an interesting article to read.

McNamee, Brent. Hunting 2.0. Outdoor Canada. Fall 2013, Cottage life media

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  1. Great article and review. No further feedback required.