Monday, October 21, 2013

Outdoors:Dealing with autumn's mud-BY DAVE BROWN, OTTAWA CITIZEN

Outdoors: Dealing with autumn’s mud-BY DAVE BROWN, OTTAWA CITIZEN Rating-**** “Dealing with autumn’s mud” informs you on the perfect tips on how to stay comfortable in your hiking shoes this fall. This article is about how to clean your hiking boots after a muddy trail of autumn hiking. It demonstrates several different ways to clean your boots whether you are at home or camping in the wilderness. Dave Brown explains ways to wash your boots in ways that they will still keep their form. He also informs us on how to clean and dry specific materials for them to not get ruined. I enjoyed this article because some of the tips will be very useful for me since enrolled in Outdoor Education this fall. It gave me many new ideas on how to keep my shoes clean especially since we are starting orienteering which will be very muddy. Some ideas it gave me are: use a firm-bristled brush to remove remaining mud and dirt that has been caked on, if needed, use a pocket knife or other sharp tool to get rid of any excess dirt. From this article I have learnt that I will need to be more careful when cleaning my running shoes because I now know they should be cleaned a certain way to avoid damaging the shoe. BROWN, DAVE, and Ottawa Citizen. "Outdoors: Dealing with autumn’s mud."Ottawa Citizen | Latest Breaking News | Business | Sports | Canada Daily News.. N.p., 17 Nov. 2013. Web. 19 Oct. 2013.

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