Sunday, October 20, 2013

Running Through The Jungle With Snakes, Bugs, Monkeys, And Jaguars For Company

By Karen Meades

Rating ***

Running through the jungle is an easy read that for the most part grasps the reader’s attention.

Running through the jungle is an article about Karen Meades who was one of 100 runners in the Selva Para marathon in 2010. Which is a 220km marathon though the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.  The article focuses mainly on her experience during the race.

I found this article very interesting. It really made me think about what people can accomplish if they set their minds to it. Especial since Karen Meades was an amateur runner before she took part in the marathon which takes over six days to complete! To me that shows us what we are capable of if we set our minds to it. Who knows maybe one day u or I may be running in that marathon.

  • Meades, K. (2013, Spring). Running through the jungle with snakes,bugs,monkeys, and jaguars for company . Ottawa out doors, 1204-69556, 28-29.

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  1. Great article and review. No further feedback required.