Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime

- Find your groove without pavement -

By Dave McMahon

Unleash yourself from routine everyday pavement running and get in shape on beautiful forest trails. This article tells you exactly what to do to get started in trail running.

This article is about the benefits and safety of running on trails or rough terrain for an all-season, all-natural total body workout. The author of this article is Dave McMahon, a Canadian winter biathlon champion, who goes into detail about how running off-road can help improve your core strength, power, endurance, agility and balance, whereas doing the same on a road can prove to be less beneficial and less enjoyable.

Running on hilly, winding and narrow trails offers a dynamic and less structured workout because there will always be a variety of footing, pace and stride, coupled with the mental challenges of concentrating to avoid hazards such as roots, rocks and mud. To ensure safety of the readers who are new to trail running, McMahon explains proper form and running techniques so that you don't end up with a twisted ankle or worse. He emphasizes that if you start on easy terrain, you will soon realize that keeping a good pace, while looking ahead instead of at your feet will cause the hazards to disappear.

This article is very helpful for someone like me who enjoys doing lots of running of all kinds. Especially with orienteering coming up in class, the hints offered by the author could be a great way to start the unit. Next time I go for a run on the trails, I will be keeping in mind everything I read.

I recommend this article to anyone who enjoys running and is looking for some change and excitement.

McMahon, Dave. "Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime". Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Summer/Fall 2009

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