Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Wild File - Hampton Sides Ally Baker

“The Wild File” - Hampton Sides

Rating: 4/5 STARS ****

      Over the course of your outdoor education experience, have you ever had just one question that you have been dying to ask? Maybe there has been more than one, tens, hundreds ever. In the article a variety of questions are answered that provide the reader with very valuable knowledge.

     Throughout the article, worldwide questions are asked and answered in the most knowledgeable way possible. All of the questions asked whether they are concerning the adjustment of the compass to magnetic North or simply why snow squeaks, relate back to the simple principal of outdoor living. As the questions are answered, they don’t only inform but they provide further knowledge to the reader that may or may not be valuable in an outdoor experience. The topics discussed vary from common questions such as compass work to uncommon questions such as elephants being afraid of mice. With this variety of topics, the article is able to capture the concept of outdoor living and education in a successful way.

    The article affected me in a very positive way. It provided me with information that I will use not only at this point in my life but as I move along in my life as an outdoor explorer. The article allowed me to consider certain things that I will change as well as things that I would like to experiment in my life. Overall, this article had a positive impact on me.

Hampton Sides. “The Wild File“. Outside Fitness Special Feb 1999: 36. Print

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