Thursday, October 17, 2013

Build a Great and Safe Campfire - Albert Lara Article #1

Build a Great and Safe Campfire - Albert Lara

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Building a good and safe campfire is basic for anyone planning to spend a night camping in the nature.

This article is about how to build a campfire in a safe way so you will not get hurt and the woods will stay as they should be. It studies several kinds of campfires and their pros and cons, the places where you should get the firewood from, the importance of putting out the fire…

I have enjoyed this article because I have learnt some interesting things that I did not know before, some of them are: sand does not really extinguish a fire, the teepee campfire style is the best one if you want to cook whereas, the crisscross style is better for long time campfires, taking branches and logs can damage certain ecosystems etc. It made me think about all the campfires I have built in the wrong way so far. I will probably improve my campfire building techniques thanks to this article!

Source: Lara, Albert. "Build a Great and Safe Campfire." Active. n.p. n.d. n.pag. Web. 15 Oct.
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