Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adventure Cycling on the Nut Point Hiking Trail

Ever want to explore the wilderness while keeping fit and having fun? This article will tell you how Nut Point Trail in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park in Saskatchewan is a great place to get active and have a great experience cycling through some rough terrain.

The author of the article Brad Wipperman discusses the major features that you will be exploring on your cycle. Throughout the trail there are many rocky ridges to cross and bumpy boardwalks that serve to protect the wildlife in the forest. The change in incline and the rocky grounds add to the excitement and keep you working hard. Wipperman Describes the great reward after cycling past high tides in a low, rocky valley, there is a beautiful golden beach available for a quick, relaxing dip. As you continue on the trail you will encounter many beaver’s dens and animal habitats that you can admire from a safe distance. The trail is available as long as the park is open and is offered for interior camping and day trips.

This article may not personally be helpful for me because I don’t often take long trips away from home, but anyone interested in travelling to that area is encouraged to take a day to cycle. I believe it gives a good impression of the trails at Lac La Ronge Park.

I would recommend it to anybody who travels, or is planning to travel, to the Nut Point Tail area.

Wipperman, Brad “Adventure Cycling on the Nut Point Hiking Trail.” Outdoor Adventure Canada. 2011

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