Thursday, November 7, 2013

72-Year-Old Hunter Survives 19 Days Alone

72-Year-Old Hunter Survives 19 Days Alone by Tim MacWelch

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This Article was very good in my opinion. Its title got my attention right away, and that's why I decided to read this Article. In this article a 72-Year-Old man named Gene Penaflor had just survived 19 days alone in the wilderness. He was out on a hunting trip with his friend. They separated, planning on meeting up at their camp for lunch. but Penaflor tripped and knocked himself unconscious. When he woke up there was too much fog for him to be able to navigate back to his camp. So he made a fire that night, and ate squirrels, berries, and algae. Search-parties, scent-tracking dogs, and a rescue helicopter were searching for him for 4 days. They called off the search on September 28th. In the end a group of hunters find him and take him back to the nearest hospital and get him treated. Even though he thought he would die, he kept fighting through 19 days and eventually got found. He is now home with his family.

 I'm amazed of what Penaflor had accomplished. I didn't think that just knowing your survival skills would be key in being out there so long. He knew how to stay hydrated, he knew what he had to eat, and he knew how to get other people’s attention out in the wilderness. I honour this man, and I will be sure to keep this story in mind every time I'm out in the wilderness. So if I'm ever in this situation I'll have a better chance in survival!

72-Year-Old Hunter Survives 19 Days Alone, by Tim MacWelch.

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