Sunday, November 10, 2013

Algonquin Provincial Park: 3 Essential Trails

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Algonquin Provincial Park: 3 Essential Trails – David Webb

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            “Algonquin Provincial Park: 3 Essential Trails” is a great article that explains how Algonquin Park is not only a spectacular destination for canoeing, but for hiking as well.

            There are variety of hiking trails in Algonquin Park for all abilities and the article informs you on the best trail for each difficulty level. For beginners, the suggested trail is Bat Lake Trail, which is a family-friendly, short loop around Bat Lake and eastern hemlock forest. The trail introduces on to various ecological features in the Provincial Park and you can even see moose in the surrounding bogs. The trail that is suggested for intermediate hikers is Mizzy Lake Trail, which one of the best locations in the park for wildlife spotting. Along the trail, you pass by 9 ponds and lake, all with beaver activity and the sounds of nature are prominent as you hike. For advanced hikers, he suggests Highland Backpacking Trail, a multi-day backpacking route that is known for bird sighting, including owls. This trail features 2 loops, one that is longer than the other, but both have steeper slopes and campsites throughout.

            I thought that this was a fantastic article for me to read since I go to Algonquin Park every year with my own family and I went canoeing with the school earlier this semester. I even hiked on Bat Lake Trail with my family when I was younger. I enjoy my time whenever I visit Algonquin and I will keep this article in mind when I plan any future hikes on my next trip to Algonquin Park.


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