Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to start a fire in the rain

How to start a fire in the rain by Cliff Jacobson
Rating: **

"How to start a fire in the rain" wasn't exactly fun to read. Although it taught you something important, it was written in such a boring way and it didn't really spark an interest in me.

This article teaches you how to start a fire in the rain, just like it says in the title. It lets you know that you have to be patient while doing this because it's going to take a lot of time to do. Not only does it teach you how to start a fire efficiently, it also teaches you special techniques and more importantly, how to stay safe. It lists all the the essentials you need and how you can tell which type of wood is usable. This article explains how to do it very well and even has pictures for other types of learners.

The only thing I like about the article is that the skill itself is very useful. What i dislike about the article is that you can only do this skill if you have all the tools the article listed, so if you are stranded in the woods with nothing but the clothes on your back and it's raining, it'll be fairly difficult to build a fire.

I would recommend reading this article only because it would be a useful skill to learn.

Jacobson, Cliff. "How to start a fire in the rain." Published by 2011

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