Sunday, November 10, 2013

Backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail

Rating: ***

Are you a history or war buff? Are you an avid outdoor enthusiast? Do you simply enjoy being outdoors? Well the Canol Heritage Trail may be a great destination for you to reach.

The Canol Trail is an area where a pipeline was built back in the 1940s in preparation for an attack through Alaska. Because it was unprotected they decided to make a road and pipeline from Whitehorse to a military post in the middle of Alaska. The creation of this pipeline forced workers to create some interesting trails that serve as entertainment today. The trails intended for hiking are about 300 km long and run from MacMillan Pass to Norman Wells. Throughout the hike you will encounter many crossings of the Mackenzie River and a few passages through the Mackenzie Mountains. In between the more difficult areas of climb you may come to find some old ruins of military posts and vehicles being rotted away by the earth. Although this hike may be quite challenging at times, it is still a possible trip for under experienced hikers, but it is very heavily advised that you become very prepared for any situation (medical, survival, wildlife encounter, harsh weather).

This article was very useful to me. Being somewhat of a patriot, being able to see old military relics would be an amazing experience and the thought of such an adventure gets my blood pumping.

 I would definitely recommend this article to anyone interested in a dangerous, but rewarding hike.

Laurie March “Backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail a Long trail with a little bit of history.” Outdoor Adventure Canada. 2011

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