Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ken Kamler: Medical Miracle on Everest

Rating ****

The commentary by Ken Kamler was and excellent insight on how the body deals with stress due to the extreme climate.

The article describes the challenges Ken Kamler faced on several expedition.  Ken climbed Mont Everest. He was the doctor for the team.
 One of his most dangerous climbs he had to deal many challenges.  An unexpected storm came during the night. The winds were the strongest Ken had ever heard. A group of climber was stuck at the summit.  Many were stranded at the peak of the mountain. One climber had the chance to call his wife before he died. Another climber was pronounced dead but through sheer determination was able to climb back to the camp with severe frost bite and hypothermia. Ken had to administer first aid in extreme cold.  Sometime Ken had to give needle injections through their winter coats.

The commentary showed us pictures of brain activities. The brain pictures were of one of the climbers whose body was dealing the extreme stress. I was impressed with how they can show the brain activities through colour waves.

I enjoyed this documentary by Ken because it was an amazing true story. My favourite part was when one of the stronger climbers radioed in for assistants. He was with a weaker climber. They were stuck at the summit. The camp site answer back “Leave the weaker climber there and come down yourself” It was so emotional because the weaker climber could hear the conversations. I learn how dangerous Everest is and that I would never climb it.

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