Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Risk Formula

The Risk Formula Rating:

**** The Risk Formula is a great article.

It catches your attention and you can't stop reading it. It talks about The challenges and risks in Whitewater rafting. It talks about other sports compared to it and how you need to be trained and that you need to take it seriously all the time. It is really easy to mistake a river from small and easy to a fast and a huge one. Even the strongest of rafters can make a mistake and get hurt seriously bad.

Something I like about this article is how he compares the sports and the risks involved. I think it's cool how he says "Falling is falling." This proves that anyone is capable of making mistakes and it's about how you pick yourself up after those mistakes instead of just staying on the ground. He also talks about how the river tell him things such as when it gets tough. This is cool because you have no control of where the river takes you, it's all up to you to either survive or die. It's pretty easy to make a mistake also. If you are a fan of danger and like water and whitewater rafting then I think you would like this article.

 Jackson, Jeff. The Risk Formula. Palmer Rapids: Ontario, 2013. Print.

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