Friday, November 22, 2013

Training Guide For Rock Climbing

Rating - *****

This article, like the title clearly states, is about how to train for rock climbing.  Coming up on the rock climbing trips for the class in about a week I thought this would be a great article to read for the assignment.  The article was very well written and explained everything you need to know to train to become a better rock climber.  It covered everything from the basics of warming up, to more advanced training tips like a detailed explanation of how to excersise prior to your time at the climbing gym.  Things like hangs, knee lifts, and shoulder shrugs. 

In my opinion this article was very helpful for a few reasons.  Number one being that rock climbing is one of my very favourite units of the course, and also because it was simple and to the point;  I was not left wondering what something meant, or what else could I do to prepare for our outings to Coyote.  I would reccomend this to anyone who enjoys rock climbing and wants to improve their climbing skills.


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